Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?” 5 Steps to Creating Solutions for Peri, Pre, and Post Menopausal Women With Keynote Speaker Lee Rossano

The community is invited to attend a free seminar entitled, Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?” on Jan. 21 at 11:30 a.m. with Lee Rossano, CNC, the owner of Rochester Hills based Advanced Nutritional Solutions. Rossano has over 10 years of experience in nutritional counseling and alternative health practices and will be speaking at Ken Jackson Fitness Factory in Shelby Township. The purpose of this free informational seminar is to inform women on Peri, Pre, and Post Menopausal symptoms and how they can effect weight loss.

Rossano will:
• Share the influence of hormones on the aging process
• Explain how the hormonal imbalance can affect a woman’s weight
• Offer 5 strategies on how women can fight back during their body’s major transformative stages!

“Some women can often be unsuccessful in losing weight because they don’t consider the decline of their hormones as they grow older,” explains Rossano. “I’m going to offer them strategies to fight back the aging process as the body changes. They need to be looking at their diet, balancing their glands, and getting customized nutrients to stabilize their system.”

Seating is limited and fills quickly, reservations are required! Because all women are affected, the community is encourage you to bring friends and loved ones to this important talk. To register for the seminar, call 248-652-4160.

For more information, visit Ken Jackson Fitness Factory online:

Ken Jackson Fitness Factory is located at 13313 W. Star Dr. in Shelby Twp. Call them at (586) 580-2504.

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