Why Do Men Enjoy Hunting So Much?

Dear Crabby,

My husband is a hunter and every November he takes off for a whole week with his buddies! He seldom comes back with anything more than just stories and excuses of why the “big one got away!” Should I support this type of behavior?

Sincerely, Deer Hunting Widow

Dear Deer Hunting Widow,

The mysteries of men and their adventurous spirits are intriguing, aren’t they? Yours truly was once a young man who was lured up north by the thrill of the hunt, too. I thought it would be great! A real Jeremiah Johnson story where man meets the outdoors with a vengeance!  Well, it wasn’t all it was hyped up to be, I’ll tell you.  An associate of mine invited me up to what he called “his cabin.”  He said he would provide all that I needed for five days and four nights up there hunting; all I had to do was jump in his truck.  So I told the Missus that I was off to provide for the family, and I jumped in. About an hour down the road, he stopped at an old, run-down shack and came out a few minutes later with a three foot long sausage and a five gallon bucket of chili. I said, “Oh, we must be having visitors for dinner tonight aye?”  He just laughed and kept on driving.  We finally arrived at his property. We drove down a two track path until we arrived at a larger wooden shed. He announced, “Here we are!” I refused to accept what I was seeing and responded by asking where the cabin was. He laughed again and walked into the shed. Yes, that’s right, you guessed it!  That little shed was my new home for the next four nights. There was no bathroom – just an outhouse. There was no running water or electricity either.  I didn’t want to be that much like Jeremiah Johnson! Anyway, the sausage and the chili was the only food he brought for all three meals on all five days too!  So that being said, there is no wonder as to why I didn’t see any wildlife out in the woods that weekend!  With the amount of gas that stuff gave me and the burping by both of us, I’d be surprised if there was any wild life within 30 miles of that property!  So I don’t know about “the big one that got away” other than my big warm bed that got away from me for four lousy, freezing, cold nights.  As you can tell, that was my first time ever going hunting and it was not a pleasant experience for me.  I gave it a few more tries though through my younger years. I even took the Missus one time while I was courting her. My guess is that this husband of yours and his buddies have a little better setup than we did back then. I also know that it’s important for us men to feel manly and get out and do something adventurous sometimes as well.  A good shopping trip to Wal-mart will fill that need for me nowadays.  But these younger fellas are doing their thing up north and I’m sure they will be fine after that one week each year.  So I say let ’em go and be happy for the other 51 weeks of the year that he’s home doing the honey-do list for you.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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