Will you love me? Entering a relationship with our bodies for a healthier future

Medical breakthroughs and the latest fitness tips and trends make great health news and fun-to-read features. But for the next few weeks, Rochester Media will bring you a special series focused on how we can be healthier today.

Based on Alisa Vitti’s overall model of eating to support our bodies, health reporter Jen Bucciarelli will take you on a journey in search of optimal health.

IMG_7429In an age of climbing childhood diabetes rates, heightened awareness of heart disease and even a rise in food allergies, some might argue that now is as important a time as ever to take control of our health.

And the path to ultimate vitality and well-being begins when we make a partnership with our bodies, Vitti says, or learn to fall in love with our bodies as she relates it to a committed relationship.

While she is a pioneer for women’s health, we will snag her baseboard goal and apply it to men and children alike.

Getting organ-ized

To begin this health quest, each piece of our series will address a different organ system in our body. We will delve into some of the more misunderstood organs and how we can eat to truly support these components of our body.

But before we can learn how to make sure we are choosing beneficial food to add to our plates, we must learn some of the parts and mechanics of these organs.

A key way to enhance this relationship we will develop with our bodies is to learn the basics of what all its components do. Just as you might do when learning the likes and dislikes of a potential mate, continually relating it to a life-long commitment that we want to be in.

Now learning every part and its function can seem like a daunting task and one reserved for your favorite—or not so favorite biology course back in college.

But it’s really not too difficult and I bet you’ll discover we already have the building blocks for what we need to know.

After we have the basic science down, local experts will clue us in on some of the best ways we can change our health for the better by eating to support these organs.

Which organs, you ask? In the coming weeks, we’ll take on the cardiovascular system, endocrine system and the digestive system.

To remain balanced, we will also explore what are some of the cautions to take along the journey and why.

Join our health quest

How can you join the conversation? Tell us your story—successes and flops alike to help others; recommend a specialist; or just tell us what you think about the series!

You can send reporter Jen Bucciarelli a note at JenBucciarelli@gmail.com—Please don’t be shy, we want to hear from you!

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Veggie lover and aspiring word chef, reporter Jen Bucciarelli covers all things health and medicine for Rochester Media and The Community Edge. She is always on the hunt for local experts who can help improve the lives of our readers. Send her a note at JenBucciarelli@gmail.com.

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