Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County announces “Operation: Success”

The 1st annual Women Veterans Job Network Fair

On Friday, May 16, 2014, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County will hold a FREE Women Veterans Job and Networking Fair at Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus, located at 2900 Featherstone Road in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

“OPERATION: SUCCESS” is a one-day Women Veterans Job and Networking Fair Women Veterans Flyer that will provide valuable information for women veterans seeking access to services for career and employment opportunities. This event will feature outstanding speakers, such as Air Force Veteran Heather Pacquette, Army Veteran Ingrid Tigh and Army Veteran Kate Holmes, who is a member of the Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County.  They will be joined by other exceptional women veterans, who will share their personal experiences and their paths to civilian workforce success.

“Participants will be able to talk to experienced and successful vets, who will offer their advice. We are hoping at the end of the day that women will have the telephone numbers of other vets, who they can call for advice. Building friendships and mentorships are very important aspects of “OPERATION: SUCCESS,” stated Kate Logan, chair of the WAB event.

“OPERATION: SUCCESS” was created after a series of focus groups by the Women’s Advisory Board. The discussion groups identified gaps in services for women veterans. The WAB learned that there is a need to connect veterans with available resources. A common problem veterans’ face is not being able to connect with agencies or understand how important their military skills are in the civilian marketplace.                                                                              

The Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) has members from the Oakland County Health Department, Board of Commissioners, Oakland County Business Round Table, Area Agency on Aging, Oakland University, Oakland Community College, National Congress of Black Women, Centro Multicultural La Familia and the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce.

ITC is a generous sponsor and valued corporate partner.

“We hope all former and current women serving in the military take advantage of this great event. Our goal is to help make meaningful connections for those who have bravely served our country,” stated Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, who is the Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County Ex-Officio Representative.

Space is limited. Veterans interested in attending should register by calling 248-853-7862 or go online at www.business.auburnhillschamber.com/events/details/operation-success-1103. The fair will be held in Oakland Community College’s Building G-Student Center, located at 2900 Featherstone Road, in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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