Yates, Paint Creek and Rochester Cider Mills

Yates, Paint Creek and Rochester Cider Mills

What’s the latest with Rochester Area cider mills? A spring pressing, a two-year extension, and year-round operations sum up the spring news at three local cider mills.

Yate's Cider Mill Spring Pressing 2014

Yate’s Cider Mill Spring Pressing 2014

Spring Apple Cider at Yates

Yate’s Cider Mill offered fresh apple cider, pressed on site, for a special month-long treat to kick off the spring. Their last pressing was on Mother’s Day and cider connoisseurs will have to wait a few more months for fresh cider again. Visitors may now enjoy the Ice Cream Shoppe until the cider starts flowing again this fall.

Yates Ice Cream Shoppe is open Sunday – Thursday, 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Donuts will be available during the weekends all summer.

Paint Creek Cider Mill Gets Two-year Extension

Ed Granchi, the concessionaire of the retail space at the Paint Creek Cider Mill building asked the Oakland Township Board of Trustees to approve the extension of the existing Concession Agreement for two years. At the Board of Trustee meeting on Tuesday evening, the board voted unanimously to approve the extension that will now expire December 31, 2016.

“We would like to execute the 2 year extension on our existing Concession Agreement. There are no changes to the agreement at this time. We look forward to operating here at the Paint Creek Cider Mill for at least another 2 years. We are excited to expand out offerings and continue in the traditions that are the Paint Creek Cider Mill. Our expanded menu and on site cider pressing has seen great support from the community,” said Granchi in letter to the Township.

Oakland Township owns the building and rents the retail space for the purpose of year-round concession services. The agreement calls for the desired tradition of operating as a cider mill during the fall season. Visitors may enjoy cider, donuts, ice cream, bakery goods, snacks, prepared food and beverages.

Ed Granchi plans to expand the menu. With the two-year extension, “investment, upgrades, and improvements” will move forward, said Granchi. Paint Creek Cider Mill is open every day from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Tom, Trevor, and John Barkham outside Township Hall in Oakland Township after board votes to allow the Rochester Cider Mill to operate year-round -photo by Michael Dwyer

Tom, Trevor, and John Barkham outside Township Hall in Oakland Township after board votes to allow the Rochester Cider Mill to operate year-round -photo by Michael Dwyer

Rochester Cider Mill to Run Year-round

The Barkham Family, owners of the Rochester Cider Mill, has been struggling to amend the 1987 court ordered consent agreement limiting the use and operation of the property. Part of the proposed changes passed at Tuesday’s Board of Trustee meeting. The amended portion follows:

“IT IS ORDERED THAT pursuant to a Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Township of Oakland dated May 13, 2014 and in accordance with Township Zoning Ordinance 36-605, that the Defendant Rochester Cider Mill located at 5125 Rochester Road, shall hereinafter be considered a “special use” under the current township zoning ordinance, as amended, and as such shall hereinafter be considered to be a conforming use, and normal business activities of a cider mill and farm market shall be allowed.”

“IT IS ORDERED that the retail sales and cider mill and related operations may occur every day of each year at the property.”

While it’s not everything the Barkham Family wanted, “it’s a step forward” said Trevor Barkham. Read Rochester Media’s previous article titled Rochester Cider Mill Still Waiting for more about all the changes desired. The amended version needs court approval. If approved, the Rochester Cider Mill can operate year-round. The other changes the Barkham Family wanted will have to be addressed in the future with the correct governing body based on the desired change.

Some thought it was a step in the wrong direction. “Obviously, the neighbors are disappointed. They feel like the Board of Trustees has let them down. The Township’s Planner, Mr. Nix, stated in his report that the property owners were going to be adversely affected. The Board did not care that the neighbors purchased their homes relying on a non-conforming use by a cider mill. Now that use can be anything from a distillery, winery, or anything else and be open all hours of day and night. What the Board did is not right, was very political and probably not legal. The status quo will be maintained until Judge Warren determines otherwise,” said Michael Sugameli, attorney for a group of neighbors surrounding the cider mill property.


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