Young Drivers Crash into House in Rochester Hills

Channel 7 News reported that a new Dodge Dart driven by a young driver crashed in a Rochester Hills subdivision last night.

Here is their report:
The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an accident that injured two teens overnight.
Investigators say it happened just after 12:30 on Fairview between Grandview and Brewster in a Rochester Hills subdivision. Witnesses saw a Dodge Dart speeding down the subdivision street. It then hit a boulder in a yard, splitting it in half before rolling into a home across the street.
Witnesses watched as the young people inside ran from the car. Two of them were covered in blood and collapsed not far from the crash. The others took off. It is believed there was a total of 5 people in the car.
Rescue crews took the two injured teens to the hospital where they were treated for numerous injuries. The investigation is still early, but it appears the teens were out joyriding when the crash happened.

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